New horizons



To the Painter who has no brush,

The Musician with no instrument,

The Writer who cries for paper.

Every artist in all splendor, endowed with the creative spark but lack instrument to bring forth a manifestation.

Sometimes life pushes us alittle further than we’re willing to go. We even venture beyond places we never imagined. My mother would constantly sing these words to my (sometimes) unwilling ears.

“Not every opportunity is a grand door that you hold your head high and gracefully walk through. Wouldn’t we all just love that. Some come as deep dark tunnels and you have to crawl through sweat, dirt and obstacles”.

Some opportunities are learning experiences. A growth phase as I like to call them. And I tell you it’s no piece of cake!. Eventually we learn, pick up our fair share of Humility and stretch our creativity.

We come into the light stronger with the realization that we’re stretched beyond the limits we put on ourselves to be launched into new horizons. I’m yet to meet the person who achieved enormous  growth sitting in the comfort zone.

So friends; the ones we know and the ones we haven’t met yet.

Thank you for all the love, support and service put in to make Urban wild Tribe a reality. Let’s not forget the creative differences, fights and frustration. It all counts.

Welcome to urban wild Tribe.

Joan Ella Adoki.

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Scientist. Cosmetic formulator. Health and beauty enthusiast.

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