Rita Nsiegbe : Book launch


We had the opportunity to meet a wonderful young author who recently launched her book of poems, Pool of love.

We also did a one on one interview with Rita about her book.


UWT: Tell us about yourself.

-> My name is Rita Nsiegbe. I am  Nigerian of Ikwerre and Urhobo descent.
I am the  last of 5children born to the most wonderful loving parents I wish and ask for.

UWT: When did you start writing and what influenced the passion.

-> It feels like I have always done some writing. At about the age of 6years old I took an interest in writing and other forms artistic of expression. I got into writing seriously when I got into the higher institution.

UWT: Your book Pool of love. Tell us about it.

-> My book, Pool of Love, is a collection of love poems. It tells about the joys and happiness of loving someone who loves you back, unrequited love, maternal love and a love for nature.

UWT: We’ll leave the reading to the readers. But we’d like to know the “behind the scene” challenges you may have encountered to make it a reality.

-> Part of the challenge of making this book a reality was in getting a publisher. It’s a sad but true fact that we do not have a very big reading culture out here and there’s even less interest in poetry. So that adds to the challenge of getting a publisher.
I was lucky in that it was not so much of a struggle for me. I did not have to go through miles and miles of publishers to find one ready and willing to publish my work.
The most challenge I’m facing right now is in marketing the book. Finding outlets, shops, marketers, this is where the Real work begins in making this a full and complete reality.

UWT: What are you aspirations for the future in respect to your work.

-> I would like to see a future where we get into the culture of recreational reading. I mean without the readers where will the writers be?

It will be nice to be able to help people relax from their stressed busy lives, put smiles on their faces and warmth in their hearts through my writing and do that while winning awards!  lol

Some day I hope to publish my book of poems but I’m worried the world won’t be receptive towards it. How do I deal with that?. 

  • 19 year old Ruth.

-> In response to Ruth  – I will say bite your tongue, grit your teeth and push the work out there! (Joke!)
Well, as long as writing is what you want to do, do not let worry of your works acceptance keep you from doing that. It will help to have a mentor to support and encourage you with your writing.
I am blessed to have the great Elechi Amadi as my mentor without whom I must say this work may not have been published now or maybe even never. So having someone who is “in the know” go through your work with words of encouragement will go a long way in helping you with your worries. Best of luck!





Thank you Rita for bringing your book to life.

Pool of love is available for purchase. You can contact us for more information about the book until the author’s official platform is ready.


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